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The Ophthalmic Lens Technician Certificate Programs offered by ITEES College teach students to use manual or computerized equipment to make prescription lenses for spectacles and contact lenses. After receiving a prescription, the technician uses the lens blanks to cut the lenses to the required specifications and perform the necessary calculations. An ophthalmic lens technician uses a lens meter to inspect finished lenses, then lenses that fit the spectacle frames and then apply a protective coating. They also repair damaged glasses. In order to prepare students to create lenses for different purposes, they need to learn the use of machines that perform tasks such as cutting, grinding, edging and finishing. That is why ITEES College makes laboratory training compulsory. Laboratory training is essential for students before entering the workplace. Sales training is just as essential as any other training. Sales training is needed to get a job, to advance well and to get a good salary. The duration of the Ophthalmic Lens Technician program is 3 months. ITEES College offers students a university certificate that gives them the attestation they need to get a job abroad. The minimum qualification is a 10th class pass. ITEES College also arranges internships for students after graduation.

Course Duration: 3 Months
Internship: 3 Months
Eligibility: 10th
Certifying Body: Jain University
Additional Benefits
  • AC Class Rooms
  • Job Oriented Skill Development
  • On the Job Training through Internship



Practical education is the means by which individuals develop and enhance their skills, abilities, and knowledge in order to solve practical problems in their personal and professional lives. It aims to develop the capacity for problem-solving through a systematic approach. This is what most employers appreciate and encourage. This is why our students are most sought-after in the paramedical industry.

In modern times, the concept of mentoring has found application in virtually every forum of learning. In academics, mentor is often used synonymously with faculty adviser. A fundamental difference between mentoring and advising is more than advising; mentoring is a personal, as well as, professional relationship. A mentor will try to be aware of these changes and vary the degree and type of attention, help, advice, information, and encouragement that he or she provides. In the broad sense intended here, a mentor is someone who takes a special interest in helping another person develop into a successful professional.

Its and easy job for us to place our students as they become industry experts by the kind of education and practical exposure they gain. We help them with mock interviews, presentations, group discussions etc., to crack any interview. We have a supportive system and a dedicated staff to ensure placement.

Separate hostel facility for boys and girls are provided. We ensure security and discipline.

Our industry visits and workshops impart great practical experience that help student to become masters in their profession. They become aware of their industry and be proud and focused on it.

We truly subscribe to the idea that education without holistic development is a vein endeavour. Our curriculum is designed in a way that caters all areas of a student’s development such as psychological, Intellectual and professional.

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