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Unveiling Our Educational Landscape

iTees College of Health Sciences (ICHS) is a division of the ITEES Group of Companies, operates under the affiliations of Jain University-Kochi and NCVRT Delhi. Our sister concerns, iTees Eye Hospital and iTees Eye Care, complement our mission. Situated in Malappuram, Kerala, we are recognized as the leading Paramedical College in the region, offering career-oriented healthcare courses approved by UGC and the Ministry of HRD. Our focus is on nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals, equipped with international certifications. In partnership with Jain (Deemed-to-be University), we provide B. Voc degrees, empowering students across various industries, especially healthcare.

Since our inception, our primary focus has been on providing top-notch education through a comprehensive technical training program, ensuring holistic development for the younger generation. We understand the importance of well-trained and experienced staff in delivering quality healthcare services to patients, and this is exactly what our institution delivers. We strongly believe in equipping our students with a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, enabling them to excel in providing the best healthcare services possible.








Who we are?

We are a collective of healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs driven by a vision to revolutionize eye care services. Our journey began with a commitment to provide top-notch care to those in need. As part of our mission, ITEES College of Health Sciences was established to cultivate a new generation of healthcare professionals. We recognize the importance of nurturing individuals who embody values of sincerity and energy, and who are equipped with the skills essential for the industry. Our vision is to empower students with the expertise required to excel in the job market and make a meaningful impact on the healthcare sector and society at large.


Optometry represents a crucial healthcare profession focused on conducting clinical tests on specimens to gather vital information about a patient's health for diagnosis, treatment, and disease prevention. In India, two pathways exist for aspiring Medical Laboratory Technicians: BSc MLT and BVoc MLT. BSc MLT encompasses a four-year program, comprising three years of theoretical study and one year of practical exposure. Conversely, BVoc MLT is a skill-based degree program emphasizing practical experience, with 60% of the curriculum dedicated to hands-on training and 40% to theory. Upon completion, graduates are poised to secure employment in hospitals or clinics. Notably, BVoc MLT offers enticing entrepreneurial prospects, enabling students to establish their laboratories. BVoc's emphasis on practical training has solidified its reputation as a highly regarded degree among employers.


Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is also a healthcare profession where clinical tests are carried out on specimens to obtain information about the health of a patient to aid in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. There are two branches of degree programmes to become a qualified Medical Laboratory Technician in India; BSc and BVoc MLT. BSc MLT is a four-year degree with three years of theory and one year of practical exposure. B.Voc MLT is a skill based degree programme where students are completely directed to the said field for practical experience. BVoc offers 60% practical training and 40% theoretical session. After successful completion of the course, student can secure jobs in hospitals or clinics. Most attractive part of the programme is the entrepreneurial opportunities open to the students. They can open a laboratory on their own. B.Voc is a trusted degree among employees due to its practical exposure.

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