B.Voc Optometry

Course Duration

03 years


Course Details

B.Voc Optometry is a three year paramedical programme that has a wider and deeper scope. Optometry course is one of the highly lucrative medical branches which deal with eyesight, patience psychology and management of medical diagnosis of eyes. A student who has completed higher secondary or equivalent with science stream is eligible for this course. After learning this course, you will be well-versed in optical theory, laboratory examination, detection of various eye diseases and effective management. At iTEES, we provide the best and foremost education for students. Get the best foundation for your thriving career in the medical field .Tthe higher studies options are vast as you can go for graduation to PhD.

Our Advantages

Hands-on industrial and technical training

We provide hands-on experience for students who pursue an optician course. Students get practical exposure in our hospitals. They will get real-time opportunities to mould their knowledge.

100% placement assistance for students

We always wanted our students to be in better circumstances. Pursuing a quality education along with placement assistance delivers great results. At iTEES, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. So that, they can start a lucrative career immediately.

The experienced and skilled team of faculties

We stand out from the rest with our eminent panel of veteran faculties. Each of our course is taught by experienced, industry mentors. The student can learn from their extensive knowledge by updating with recent medical trends.

Academic excellence focusing on the all-round development

We truly subscribe to the idea that education without holistic development is a vein endeavour. Our curriculum is designed in a way that caters all areas of a child’s development such as psychological, motivational and professional.

Project and exam-oriented curriculum

We deliver education that excels in quality and coaching. Project and exam-oriented syllabus covers all important aspects of the syllabus.

Industry visits & workshops

Our industry visits and workshops impart great practical knowledge that in turn, help student to become masters in their profession.


Downhill, Malappuram, Kerala, India – 676519


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