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Delivering quality education through a high-quality technical training programme & ensuring all-round development to the younger generation has been our core priority ever since our institution came into existence. For providing quality health care services to patients, well trained and experienced faculties are needed. This is what our institution delivers. We believe that amalgamating both theoretical & practical knowledge to our students makes them capable and perfect in delivering the best eye care services.


We, a group of medical health professionals & entrepreneurs came up with an idea that led us to start our project. Our aim was to provide the best in class eye care services to all the people suffering from eye-related issues. We never want a single person to suffer from any eye disease. This led to constantly innovate our methodologies by introducing latest technologies and other innovative measures in order to provide the best health care services for eyes.

Even though we started as an eye hospital in Malappuram, with our sheer confidence and the need to provide the best eye care services at affordable costs to the public, this further drove us to expand our services to Wayanad, Kozhikode & Thrissur. We also started an educational institute that is part of our hospital. The institute offers the best paramedical & health science courses in Kerala.

Our mission is to deliver quality education of the highest standards to aspirant students through innovative technologies and high-quality training. This involves by giving them proper exposure to both theoretical and practical concepts which in turn leads them to become true professionals in their field of work.

To create a united and ever-expanding community consisting of the best health care professionals who are creative, internationally renowned and highly capable of providing quality eye care services to the common people efficiently. Also, to become the best eye hospital in India providing the finest education by offering a dynamic environment where the students are able to learn, grow and discover knowledge.


Downhill, Malappuram, Kerala, India – 676519


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